• New strains/batches Sept 22 2018
    11 Weeks MMJ: Chocolope
    11 Weeks MMJ: Death Bubba AAAA (buy one ounce get the second ounce Blood Tuna OR Death Bubba 60% OFF!)
    11 Weeks MMJ: Death Bubba AAAA (buy one ounce get the second ounce Death Bubba OR Blood Tuna 60% OFF!)
    Bubba OG

    All the new (testing) strains from Cookies Grower will only be available on the Mix and Match Oz (on the option-one) due to the low quantity of production, except Critical Mask and L.A. Cookies. 
    Cookies Grower: Cookies 420 (New)
    Cookies Grower: Slurricane (New)
    Cookies Grower: Candy Breath (New)
    Cookies Grower: Sorbitto (New)
    Cookies Grower: Gelato Congo (New)
    Cookies Grower: Star Cookies (New)
    Cookies Grower: Critical Mask (New)
    Cookies Grower: L.A. Cookies (New)

    Other Mix and Match new options: 
    Blueberry (New)
    Pink Kush (New)
    Bubba OG (New)
    PTM (New)
    G7 (New)

    Labour Day blowout sale is now live!
    Take additional 20% OFF for all the new batche/strain flowers.
    Promotion Code: JJMLD20
    Black Bubba Kush
    Cookies Grower: Death Wing
    Scout Master

    New batch Platinum Purple Kush #8 is now back in stock.
    Gain an additional 20% OFF by using the promo code of PPK20
    It will drop to $108/oz!

    New batch Great White Shark AAAA (on sale from $270/oz to $216/oz)

    New strain Crazy Diesel (on sale from $210/oz to $175/oz)
    Gain an additional 20% OFF by using the discount code of CD20
    It will drop to $140/oz!

    Cottonwood concentrate (on sale from $100/g to $65/g; $60/0.5g to $35/0.5g)
    Gain additional 15% OFF by using the discount code of CW15
    It will drop to $55.25/g and $29.75/0.5g!

    GOC products (vape pen and shatter)
    Gain additional 10% OFF by using the discount code of GOC10

    Team JJ Meds
    Subject to change
    Updated: 7:52 p.m. Saturday, September 22, 2018 Central Time (CT)

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