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Wondered “Where to buy Cannabis Edibles Online?” Good News!

JJ Meds, one of the best online dispensaries in Canada, now carries several options to buy THC edibles and CBD edibles online.

Using Edibles for Sleeping

I buy edibles online and for years I have personally been utilizing indica flower strains and indica edibles to help me get to sleep.

Lately I have been using indica cannabis edibles for this purpose. This is a great technique for some of us. If you are new to it, I would recommend starting slow with low dosages to see how it affects you. I find that 20mg is ideal for me, but you might need less and some may need more.

I would also recommend consuming your edible at least an hour before bed. This way your body has time to metabolize the food. Otherwise you can often wake up with a groggy hangover.

Our Mary’s Medibles line of products has a nice variation of lab tested candy in both sweet and sour (for your taste buds) and both indica and sativa (for your medicine) and the dosages range from 55mg to 300mg.

This makes Mary’s Medibles Gummies a great product to start with when experimenting with THC edibles for the first time.

Buy CBD Edibles Online too!

Our Dose Edibles line has a CBD edible variation as well as edible THC flavours. Our GOC edibles includes both THC and CBD edibles options as well.

Buy CBD edibles in Canada
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Buying Cannabis Edibles Online

Even after legalization, Marijuana edibles can be difficult to find, but congrats! you’ve found the best place to buy THC and CBD edibles online, JJ Meds.

Let’s be clear for anyone new to this. Marijuana edibles, weed edibles, and cannabis edibles all mean the same thing. The important thing to be aware of is whether or not the company who made the edible has done lab testing.

You don’t want to guess about THC potency, unless that’s your thang. ;^)

Visit our Edibles category page to see our current full selection of THC and CBD infused edibles.

Other Resources

If you are looking for more information about cannabis edibles, there are some great resources about edibles online.

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Ready to buy? Visit our Edibles page and peruse our excellent selection of THC and CBD edibles.

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