Frequently Asked Questions

Reefer Friends

  • Introducing our Refer a Friend Program!
  • When you refer a friend and that friend places and pays for an order over $250. You both earn a $25 credit! (This credit expires in 14 days so use it quick!) 
  • Our system will verify that you are not living at the same address as the person who you refer.
  • You can refer as many people as you want! We look forward to serving your friends and family!
  • Subject to change at any time

JJM Loyalty points system

  • How does it work?
    For every dollar you spend, you will earn a JJM loyalty point that you can use as in-store money!
    For instance:
    $200 order=200 loyalty points
    20 Loyalty points=$1in store credit Your loyalty credits are automatically applied to your account whenever you make a purchase and is good for 6 months.  Loyalty credits are unlimited!
    A maximum of 50% worth of the order can be applied at one time is now REMOVED.
  • You can also earn points by leaving a quality review on a product, you have tried from us! Earn 15 points a comment!

  • Subject to change at any time

Receiving orders

  •  To ensure that you, our valued customers, receive exactly what you have ordered, we would recommend you film the opening of your package.  If there is a product missing and/or a wrong item received, we will correct it!  The video you will provide helps us determine what went wrong, also it helps us learn as a team!

Ordering / Purchases

  • How do I order?
    Simply add the items you would like to cart and enter the checkout process.
  • Who is eligible to purchase?
    Anyone who is 19+.
  • When will my order be shipped?
    Once we receive your payment your order goes into the queue to be packed and shipped. When we create your label, you automatically will receive your tracking number. When it ships out, your tracking number will then go live.

    If your order is received in the morning before the cut-off time, 2:00 p.m. Central Tim, most likely it will be shipped the same day. Occasionally delays due to inventory, weekends, holidays, sales or shipping partner delays can happen so customers should expect 1 – 3 days.

  • Feedback?
    Leave a comment, earn 15 points!

Mail and Delivery

  • How to register a free personal – Flexdelivery address for pick-ups.
    Please click here for the detail info / instructions.
  • Am I allow to pick up my order?
    We are strictly a mail order service only. We do not offer pick-up service.
  • How long will I have to wait for the order?
    Most orders are received within 1-5 business days, further delays could occur during busy seasons.  On time delivery is not guaranteed. 
    Dec. 17th, 2019
  • What do I do if I don’t received my order?
    Email us or call us first and we’ll ensure the issue is fixed.
  • My tracking number does not work.
    Your tracking number will not work until your package is dropped off at a shipping location. Please allow time for the package to get there.

Payments and fees

  • How do I pay?
    Please address the E-Transfer to the payee name Jack, failure to address the E-Transfer to Jack may result in your E-Transfer being declined.
  • Please send an Interac E-transfer totalling your order amount to the following Email:

  • In the memo of the e-transfer, please be sure to include your order number. This is very important as it identifies which order you are paying for!
  • Please follow these steps for your secret question and answer: Write your Secret Question as: Our Country?
  • Choose your Secret Answer to be: Canada

    Once we receive your Interac E-Transfer we will send out a confirmation email and ship your product.

  • What methods of payments do you accept?
    Interact e-transfer ONLY 
  • Is tax included in the order?
    No, taxes will be included during checkout.


  • Where do you mail to?
    All of Canada
  • Something is wrong with the website.
    Email us and we’ll be happy to address the issue
  • Why should we trust you?
    We’re a group of professionals who understands and respect the Cannabis business. Not only do we see a need for professional services, we also care about the people we deliver to. This is a lifelong commitment for all us.