JJ Meds online dispensary takes care of you when you buy weed.  420 sales Canada to mail order concentrate, vape pens, shatter, cannabis, marijuana, CBD oil, cartridges & edibles. Order weed online in Canada with our ongoing discount codes and coupons.

Get our Mix and Match specials (currently on sale.) Choose between Quarter Pound Mix and Match, Mix and Match Oz, Quarter Pound AAAA Mix and Match and House Of Glass 3 Pack Shatter. Buy an AAAA QP for 760/qp! Platinum White Fire OG AAAA, Pink Star (AAAA), Blood Rock (AAAA), White Snow (AAAA), King Bubba #2 (AAAA), Organic Rock Star AAAA #2, Island Death Bubba AAAA, Blood Master AAAA.

Currently on sale at JJ Meds Online Dispensary: Flyte / Keyy Refill Cartridge 3 Pack & Flyte / Keyy CBD Refill Cartridge 3 Pack! Keyy cartridge or formerly Flyte cartridges in Canada, come in several flavors. Also, you can choose between different THC to CBD ratios. Pick among: Charlotte’s Web (8:1 CBD: THC) Mint 1:0 (CBD: THC) Sour Diesel (Sativa) Pineapple (Hybrid) Blueberry.

Order from JJ Meds selection of finest Quad AAAA strains. From Vancouver, BC grown Island Death to all-time Cookies Grower favorites Dolato, Blizzard Haze, Coma Cookies, Pink Death, Kush and many more. Find diamond concentrates, 1g ccell cartridge & ccell distillate. Buy the best hash in Canada at JJ Meds Online Dispensary with a discount. Right now, you can get Island Hash 7g or 3.5g at the best value. Subscribe to our newsletter to be in the know on the next 420 sales Canada at JJ Meds Online Dispensary.

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