Mary’s Medibles is a premium brand of THC Edibles made with BC Buds.

The Mary’s Medibles website has this to say about their company:

“We set out to become Canada’s finest edibles. Our pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana products are lab tested and patient approved.

We ensure the highest levels of excellence in processing to ensure our clients get the very best quality and consistency in our products.

Our approach is to build a properly developed menu with food professionals to ensure that not only do our products fulfill their medicinal qualities but taste great too.

The Mary’s Medibles guarantee.”

Mary’s Medibles THC Edibles gummies are available in both Indica and Sativa. They come in three different dosages to suit all levels of THC tolerance from beginner to stoner.

These delicious THC Edibles come in three strengths:
1) Sour Swirls – 55mg THC
2) Teddies/Bunnies – 140mg THC, 1.35mg CBD, 1.32mg CBN Lab tested patient approved.
3) Extreme Teddies/Bunnies – 300mg THC Edible

We also carry several THC and CBD edible cannabis oils for your medicinal and/or recreational needs.

*IMPORTANT* For new edibles users, always start with a small portion (eg 1/8 of package) in order to determine your tolerance level.

We all love Mary’s Medibles edibles here at JJ Meds. They are a favorite among our customers as well as our team members.

Buy these Mary’s Medibles THC Edible products at JJ Meds. Enjoy!

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