JJ Meds Canada online dispensary Mix and Match Oz, QP, and Shatter specials:

Quarter Pound Mix and Match! (On sale.) You love our regular Mix and Match ounce deal? Need a little more product in your life? Buy a QP for 560/qp!! 7 Strains to choose from: Dutch King, White Diesel, Animal Mint,  Cookies Grower: Vanilla Smoothie, Cookies Grower: Bubba Cookies, Bubba Skunk, Star Master

Mix and Match Oz (On sale.) Our biggest selection yet! Includes Dutch King, Cookies Grower: Vanilla Smoothie, Bubba Skunk, Tuna, Jet Fuel, Animal Mint, Cookies Grower Bubba Cookies, White Diesel, Island Pink, Purple Dream, Rock Star, Pink Tuna, Birthday Cake

Quarter Pound AAAA Mix and Match! (On sale.) Buy an AAAA QP for 760/qp in the best Canada online dispensary! Platinum White Fire OG AAAA, Pink Star (AAAA), Blood Rock (AAAA), White Snow (AAAA), King Bubba #2 (AAAA), Organic Rock Star AAAA #2, Island Death Bubba AAAA, Blood Master AAAA.

House Of Glass 3 Pack Shatter (On sale.) 5 HOG shatter flavours to choose from at JJ Meds Canada online dispensary. PineTar Kush (Indica), ROlex OG Kush (Indica), Biker Kush (Indica), Blueberry Space Cake (Indica) & Vader OG (Indica), Rolex OG Kush (Indica), Yoda OG ( Indica), Godzilla (Indica), Jamaican Dream & Sugar Shack (Hybrid)

House of Glass Oz Pack (On sale.) An ounce of the HOG shatter, with the biggest selection of flavours yet. Choose among  Cherry Cream Pie (Hybrid), Tahoe OG Kush (Hybrid), Platinum OG (Indica), Phantom OG (Indica), PineTar Kush (Indica), Kryptonite OG (Indica).

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