THC and CBD for Pain Relief

There are many helpful products for pain management that are derived from Cannabis and Hemp Plants. THC and CBD for pain relief really work and very well.

Topical THC and CBD for Pain Relief

Some products are taken orally too, but also many THC and CBD pain relief products are topically applied and these topical products do not affect us in a psychoactive way.

Examples of these would be Omni Pain Cream (THC) and Active Releaf Sticks (CBD).

THC for Pain

OMNI Relief Pain Cream

Oral THC and CBD for Pain Management

This is where you have to be careful. THC taken orally will make you (sometimes very) high. In about an hour after ingesting it. Some people like this and the psychoactive effect is helpful with pain relief.

CBD taken orally can relax you for sure, but it is not a psychoactive high. It’s more likely to just dull your pain for a while, but you could feel relaxed and possible lazy too.

That said, I recommend being cautious the first few times and take a low dosage of either to access your body’s reaction before increasing your dosage.

Our oral THC products for pain management include THC edibles, THC infused coconut oil, and cannabis oil tinctures.

Our ingestible CBD pain relief products include CBD edibles, CBD infused coconut oil, and hemp oil tinctures.

We also carry a full line of Viridesco products for managing pain.

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