Buy the Best BC disposable vape pens, vape cartridges (vape tips), and vape pen batteries online in Canada at JJ Meds.

A dab pen or disposable vape pen, concentrate pen or a dab vaporizer – no matter how you call it, revolutionized the cannabis use. While a dab pen usually vaporizes wax or shatter, disposable pens use distilled oil cartridges. Pens are small and handy for everyday use. Even more, there is no smelly smoke. 

We are happy to let you know that NONE of the cartridges and pens we sell contain vitamin-e. It is always important to look out for your health and we understand how concerning the news can be, but you can rest assured that our cartridges have not had vitamin-e added to them.

You can order a disposable and rechargeable pen from Diamond Concentrates, Culture, Buddha, Kind, or Tucann. Alternatively, you can choose a pen + battery/ cartridge kits from Kloud9, AVD, Viridesco, and Keyy / Flyte.

For our existing vape pen users, we have a selection of cartridges. By working with the top brands, we can guarantee the best product for you.  Our offer includes Kloud 9 Vape Tip, to BC Vapes 1 Gram Cartridges, BC Vapes THC Distillate Cartridges, and Viridesco CBD Cartridges. Also, for CBD consumers, we have BC Vapes 1 Gram Cartridges CBD, Keyy / CBD Cartridge, or Milky Way Mix and Match.

We didn’t forget the batteries and chargers! Depending on the brand of your existing pen, order an AVD Clone Vape Pen Battery or Milky Way Extracts Battery.

So, visit JJ Meds and find everything you need for your vaping needs: dab pens, 510 thread battery, vape pen cartridges, and pen battery chargers.

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