Blueberry #5

Blueberry #5 is an indica dominant hybrid that is a descendant of the infamous Blueberry strain. This bud was created in an attempt to maximize the THC and flavor output of the OG Blueberry strain without sacrificing the effects. Not much is known about Blueberry #5, although it is said to have a super high THC level of 20%+ and full-bodied effects that are sedative and uplifting in nature. Users often report Blueberry #5 as having a euphoric onset that can be a little too strong for some, causing anxiety if you’re not careful. The sedative effects can leave you feeling sleepy, ending in a nice long nap for many users. Thanks to these effects and its high THC level, Blueberry #5 is recommended for treating conditions such as depression, bipolarity, migraines or headaches, and insomnia. Blueberry #5 has a classic berry flavor with hints of fresh blueberries and earth. The aroma is of dank berries with a touch of fresh herbs and sweet sugar.

Flower Size: Small

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Flower Size: Small