Cookies Grower: Chocolate Wedding Cake AAAA (ORGANIC)




1 review for Cookies Grower: Chocolate Wedding Cake AAAA (ORGANIC)

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    Lots of chocolatey terps coming through of this pack, a slight smell of doughy and cookie terps aswell, gorgeous looking bud caked in trichomes, I love this bud the high is euphoric and relaxing another word I would use is sedating. Hits hard. This is some quads for sure. Hands down some of the best I’ve smoked, I would just appreciate if JJmeds or CookiesGrower to include a little bit more information on the lineage of the plant, I would love to know what they crossed with wedding cake to get this product. It makes me appreciate what I am smoking that much more especially at such a cost. Overall, Absolutely stunning product, keep doing your thing CG & JJ, Cheers!

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