Protected: Mix and Match Oz (On sale from $240/oz to $160/oz)

We heard you and we’re bringing back the Mix and Match special oz… try them all!

Most of the new (testing) strains from Cookies Grower will only be available on the Mix and Match Oz (on the option-one) due to the low quantity of production.


    • Bubba OG
    • White Castle
    • White Cookies
    • Bubba Cookies
    • L.A. Confidential
    • Cookies Grower: Death Tuna
    • PTM
    • 11 Weeks MMJ: Chocolope
    • True OG (New)
    • Cookies Grower: Skunk Cookies (New)
    • 11 Weeks MMJ: Pinky OG (New)
    • Chilly OG (New)
    • Cookies Grower: Bubba Cookies (New)
    • Cookies Grower: Gelato Congo (New)
    • Crazy Diesel (New)
    • Chocolope (New)
    • Nuken (New)
    • Orange Skunk (New)
    • Cookies Grower: Sticky Cookies AAAA SOLD OUT
    • 11 Weeks MMJ: Blood Bubba SOLD OUT
    • Cookies Grower: Sorbetto SOLD OUT
    • Asteo (New) SOLD OUT
    • Tuna (New) SOLD OUT
    • Yello Cheese (New) SOLD OUT
    • Cookies Grower: Cobra Fang (New)
    • Cookies Grower: Candy Breath(New) SOLD OUT
    • Cookies Grower: 420 Cookies (New) SOLD OUT
    • 11 Weeks MMJ: Platinum Bubba (New) SOLD OUT
    • 11 Weeks MMJ: Coma OG (New)) SOLD OUT
    • Cookies Grower: Gelato (New) SOLD OUT
    • Skunky Cheese (New) SOLD OUT
    • Blood Diamond (New) SOLD OUT
    • Sapphire OG (New) SOLD OUT
    • Nuken (New) SOLD OUT
    • Orange Skunk SOLD OUT
    • Bubba Skunk SOLD OUT
    • White Romulan (New) SOLD OUT
    • Greasy Monkey (New) SOLD OUT
    • Fatal Bubba SOLD OUT
    • Banana Clip OG (New)
    • Sour Lemon (New) SOLD OUT
    • Night Moon (New) SOLD OUT
    • Girl Scout Cookies (New) SOLD OUT
    • Blue OG (New) SOLD OUT
    • Cookies Grower: L.A. Cookies (New) SOLD OUT
    • B.C. Zombie (New) SOLD OUT
    • Purple Urkle SOLD OUT

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