Violator (on sale from $195/oz to $135/oz)

$195.00 $135.00

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1 review for Violator (on sale from $195/oz to $135/oz)

  1. 2 out of 5

    This one really isn’t up to far with what I’ve been receiving for JJMeds. I’ve put many orders over the past couple of months but this one – especially at its price point (not even 99) – was just bad quality. The bud was hard and look like it was picked too early. It had that small of kind of like lawn mixed with hay but very faint. Smelled ok when broken up but the described smells were still there. It was okay when smoked and buZz was weak. It sucks too because jj doesn’t check customer points or loyalty because I’ve ordered a ton from you guys and nothing will probably get done here. Might have to look for a new mom :/

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