VIRIDESCO: Full Plant Extract 1:1 Oil Blend


Great for vaping, smoking, topical and oral/edible needs




This FPE Oil blend (Full Plant Extract) is perfect for those who want the synergistic benefits of both CBD & THC, along with the full spectrum of plant oils, fats, and lipids. The total concentration of this ratio is 64.63%. This product can produce a very cerebral effect due to the high concentration of CBD. This premium oil has been independently tested at MB labs to contain 64.63% cannabinoids, including 32.0% THC and 27.9% CBD !!

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Enjoy cannabis oils + concentrates of superior quality with Viridesco. Whether you are seeking premium RSO, or High Quality full-plant CBD Extract, Viridesco has the “Oil for Life.”

Viridesco offers accurate dosing and labeling on each of their products. Viridesco has a core value to provide unadulterated, lab tested, medical-grade hemp and cannabis-derived oils for Canada’s medical cannabis community.

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