JJ Meds Registration

Note: We can only serve those who are 19 years of age and older.

Please allow up to 24 hours for processing (but we usually approve within hours). 

Customer conduct
  • No reselling, no sharing: We provide medicinal cannabis solely for the account holder’s use, reselling or sharing your medicine is forbidden.
  • Be responsible: Please use your medicine in a respectful and reasonable way. Do not use cannabis in public places. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery.
  • Do not transport cannabis out of Canada.
  • Protection of privacy: To safeguard your privacy, JJ Meds will not disclose your personal information to any parties without your written consent. We delete registration IDs every week. We never will (and never have) sold our member data.
  • No minors: We provide medicinal cannabis only for those over the age of 19.
  • Impairment: Cannabis may cause temporary decrease in coordination, cognitive abilities, and short term memory loss. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery if impaired by cannabis products. Be extra careful of impairment when eating cannabis or using extracts. Do not eat cannabis product before swimming or driving. Start off small (10mg dosage)
  • Alcohol: Cannabis mixed with alcohol may cause vomiting and nausea. We recommend limiting or stopping your intake of alcohol while using cannabis products.
  • Irritation: Heavy smoking without harm reduction techniques may cause respiratory irritation.
  • Blood Pressure: Initial increase in heart rate and/or blood pressure may be problematic for those with heart conditions or severe anxiety. Those receiving digitalis or other cardiac medications should use cannabis under careful supervision of a medical doctor.
  • Withdrawal: There are no significant withdrawal effects when cannabis use is ceased or decreased. However minor restlessness, and fatigue may be experienced. Symptom relief will also cease or be decreased.
  • The Law: Cannabis is legal in Canada to possess, grow, and consume. But one cannot distribute cannabis without proper licences and documents. Know your rights and take precautions to avoid the harmful effects of arrest, seizure or imprisonment.

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